Ruahine Kindergartens

A day in the life of a Teacher Aide

Diane Cohr - Teacher Aide, Somerset Kindergarten

I enjoy going to work every day as I know that each day is going to be different and varied.  There are many different duties and many extras that I perform within my day such as: taking an extension group for the benefit of our children, documenting learning journeys as well as the odd domestic duty all of which supports our Kindergarten family.

I am a valued member of a wonderful and supportive team at Kindergarten and I enjoy taking on leadership roles and responsibilities that benefit what we strive to achieve as a team.  It is great to be able to communicate my ideas to the team and be able to converse with our families and whanau within our community which is such a rewarding aspect of my position. 

Diane Cohr, Teacher Aide at Somerset Kindergarten