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Meet Moko
Meet Moko - Awapuni Kindergarten

Gifted to Awapuni Kindergarten by a friend from the community, who is also a vet nurse, a blue tongue lizard is providing the kindergarten children with the opportunity to learn about nurturing and caring for wildlife. Children’s ideas for naming the lizard were written on card, with children voting for Moko, the Pacific Island word for lizard.

Book Fair
Book Fair - Roslyn Kindergarten

Roslyn Kindergarten’s Scholastic 'Books in Hands - Books in Homes - Books in Hearts' Book Fair ran from 31 August - 4 September 2015; encouraging literacy in homes, while fundraising for new books for the kindergarten and to get young children really excited about reading.

Sensory Garden
Sensory Garden - Manchester Kindergarten

Manchester Kindergarten has revamped and made new gardens with the children being very helpful prepare these new sites and wheelbarrowing topsoil to them. The gazebo now has a selection of fruiting vines climbing up it and the children are captivated by walking around and along the various textured pathways that wander through each garden.

School Connections
School Connections - Bulls Kindergarten

The Life Education Trust’s mobile classroom was at Bulls School recently, giving Bulls Kindergarten an opportunity to visit the school.Life Education is a non-profit organisation, that delivers health programmes to help children develop self esteem. The kindergarten’s visit focused on health, cleaning teeth, washing, and making healthy eating and drinking choices.

Festival Fun
Festival Fun - Pahiatua Early Learning

Using some of their Equity Funding, Pahiatua Kindergarten children, teachers and parent helpers boarded a bus and headed to Eketahuna for the North Wairarapa Schools Cultural Festival.The festival provides a fantastic opportunity for the kindergarten to connect with schools and the wider community, covering Ballance, Woodville, Norsewood and surrounding districts.

Healthy Hearts
Healthy Hearts - Mill Street Early Learning

Since committing to the Healthy Heart programme in Term Three last year, Mill Street Kindergarten has been busy implementing changes to their eating habits and their outdoor environment.Parental support has been significant, providing healthy food in the children’s lunchboxes and supplying fruit and vegetables to share each day.

A sustainable community for young learners
A sustainable community for young learners - Linton Kindergarten

Linton Kindergarten unveiled their Enviroschools’ sign with a whānau breakfast today. The sign, provided by Horizons Regional Council, recognises the kindergarten’s commitment to creating a sustainable future as normal practice in the early childhood education centre.

Parent Forum - you are invited
Parent Forum - you are invited

Want to know where Ruahine Kindergarten Association is heading?  Join us for a light supper and find out.  Monday 31st August 2015 at 7pm.  Venue - Ruahine Kindergarten Association Office, 597 Main Street, Palmerston North.  Please RSVP:

Marking Matariki
Marking Matariki - Riverdale Kindergarten

Riverdale Kindergarten celebrated Matariki with an evening concert on Thursday 18 June. Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, that rises only once a year. It also signals the start of the Māori New Year and remembering the past, present and future.

Something old made into something new
Something old made into something new - Linton Kindergarten

As a part of the Enviroschools network, Linton Kindergarten are finding ways to strengthen sustainable practices. A recent rubbish audit at the kindergarten revealed that paper was a large part of generated waste. Two baskets were added to the art area for paper collection. One basket is for reusable paper, and one for recyclable paper.


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