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Playhouse Winners
Playhouse Winners - Milverton Kindergarten

Earlier this term, Milverton Kindergarten was lucky enough to win a new playhouse built by UCOL apprentice builders. The carpentry students competed in a regional Certified Builders Carpentry Apprentice Challenge, that each year chooses a project that can be donated to the community as part of the competition.

Matariki ahunga nui - The time when people assemble
Matariki ahunga nui - The time when people assemble - West End Kindergarten

Indicated by the appearance of the Pleiades constellation, the Māori New Year marks a special time to gather and share. It was under this pretext that West End Kindergarten held a Celebrating You - Our West End Community evening. Our kindergarten children opened the evening with a Matariki waiata performance.

Wet and Wild
Wet and Wild - Ashhurst Kindergarten

Summer saw temperatures soar to 33 degrees, making an outdoor day a great way to cool down at Ashhurst Kindergarten earlier this year. Water became the source of things fun, with the children enjoying activities such as splashing, jumping, sliding, and a childhood classic - apple bobbing.

Vege Treats
Vege Treats - Foxton Kindergarten

Foxton Kindergarten has had great success with growing food for the children’s morning tea, thanks to their new revamped vegetable garden. Thanks to soil kindly donated by Paranui Organics, one of the kindergarten’s families, the children have been feasting on cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, peas and strawberries.

Parents' workshop
Parents' workshop - Milson Kindergarten

Following a recent review on sustainability at Milson Kindergarten, parents have been sharing how their children are now educating them about recycling, reducing  and composting. One family has even started a compost bin at home as a result.   The team at Milson Kindergarten decided to share some of their discoveries by holding a workshop for parents.

Wetlands Watching
Wetlands Watching - Roslyn Kindergarten

The development of Palmerston North City Council’s wetlands in Norton Park have captured Roslyn Kindergarten’s attention, as their new native neighbour begins to take shape. Fascinated children have been chatting over the fence with the engineers, who are more than willing to answer their questions.

Early Learners
Early Learners - Pahiatua Early Learning

At the start of Term One, the Pahiatua Early Learning Centre opened its doors at the previous Pahiatua Kindergarten site. The ELC has been created to offer the town’s families with more choice in ECE. Operating Monday to Friday, 7.30am – 5.30pm, the facility has been refurbished both inside and out to cater for children aged 0-5 years.

Sustainability kaupapa
Sustainability kaupapa - Linton Kindergarten

A major focus for Linton Kindergarten in 2015 was the development of an outdoor area section to support their long term environmental goals. This included whānau’s vision of a sustainable peaceful space for their children.

Active Youngsters
Active Youngsters - Kelvin Grove Kindergarten

As part of their philosophy to encourage children to stay physically active, Kelvin Grove Kindergarten organised two sporting events this term. For their “Mini Relay for Life”, the children, teachers and parent helpers walked around the park adjacent to the kindergarten.

Water and weights
Water and weights - Follett Street Kindergarten

At Follett Street Kindergarten this term, mat times have included learning about water - such as what makes it rise and what makes it fall. Two books were read to help discuss how the water in a bath was affected by the amount of people getting in, or out, of the bath.


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