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Rainbow Disco
Rainbow Disco - Makino Kindergarten

It had been a long wait, but the night was finally here for our Makino Kindergarten Rainbow Disco!  Ngā Tamariki were so excited, arriving with their whānau dressed in amazing costumes and colours, ready to dance the night away.

Paper for Trees
Paper for Trees - Makino Kindergarten

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Makino Kindergarten have been recycling all of our paper for the past few years.  We keep a record of how much we are able to recycle and report this to the Paper for Trees scheme.

Tree Planting
Tree Planting - Ashhurst Kindergarten

At Ashhurst Kindergarten we have been very fortunate in receiving fruit trees from some of our families to support our focus on sustainable practice/being kaitiaki of Papatūānuku. The children are enjoying the opportunity to assist in helping to prepare certain areas for planting fruit trees and re-establishing planting plots for sensory and edible herbs.

Welcome to our family
Welcome to our family - Ashhurst Kindergarten

At Ashhurst Kindergarten we have welcomed 3 goldfish. They are happily enjoying their new home in a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires little maintenance. This setup teaches our children how plants and goldfish can benefit each other in a symbiotic relationship. The filter sucks up the water, feeds the plants, the plants filter the water and return it to the goldfish tank.

Muddy Puddles
Muddy Puddles - Hokowhitu Kindergarten

Mother nature provided us a wonderful opportunity to discover the wonders of puddles this week especially in the park next door and who could resist a bit of a play.

Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre
Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre - Makino Kindergarten

It was an exciting day for the whānau and tamariki of Makino Kindergarten as we boarded the bus, bound for Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre.  As we travelled it was a great opportunity to explore a different perspective of the Manawatu, and sharewith the tamariki our Maunga, the Ruahine Ranges.

Matariki Celebrations
Matariki Celebrations - Makino Kindergarten

As part of our Matariki celebration, we were able to give out more of our wonderful DuffyBooks.

Duffy Book Celebration
Duffy Book Celebration - Cloverlea Kindergarten

Cloverlea Kindergarten had of Constable Robyn handing out Duffy books to our children.  The books were wonderful and will support literacy in homes. Constable Robyn was amazing and we went outside to see and learn about her police car, including listening to the siren.

Hot Lava Lines
Hot Lava Lines - Feilding Kindergarten

We added paper machine tape to the outside environment….with children calling it “hot lava lines”. They were the ones that made the rules of the game….you only go under it….you can’t touch it…or you can go around it.


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