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Camping and the great outdooors
Camping and the great outdooors - Bulls Kindergarten

With the summer weather making a welcome presence in the first months after the festive season, the children of Bulls Kindergarten have been really into camping. Indoors, a tepee included fairy lights for stars, blacked out windows and a pretend BBQ. The outdoor environment had a camping area set up with a tent erected. The children, teachers and whānau also enjoyed a shared BBQ.

International Book Giving Day
International Book Giving Day - Awapuni Kindergarten

February 14th is International Book Giving Day; a day dedicated to getting new, used and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible. The day was celebrated at Awapuni Kindergarten with a special visit from neighbouring Awapuni School students, who have previously attended the kindergarten.

Breaking down gender and generation gaps
Breaking down gender and generation gaps - Makino Kindergarten

Aubrey Ellen worked as North Street School caretaker for 25 years before his health forced him into retirement in 2007. Coincidentally, the same year he accepted his grandchildren's invitation to attend a grandparents' day at Makino Kindergarten. The teachers recognised Aubrey's instant rapport with the children and approached him to join their team as teacher aide.

Magical Kitchen Creations - Foxton Kindergarten

Foxton Kindergarten recently enjoyed a visit from Zappo, who put on his new magic show called Kitchen Rules. The last time Zappo was in the kindergarten he asked the children for their ideas on what they liked to cook, eat and their general knowledge about food, so he could incorporate this into his show. What a fun show Kitchen Rules was.


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