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The importance of sharing time
The importance of sharing time - Riverdale Kindergarten

At Riverdale Kindergarten news sharing happens regularly, helping to build childrens' confidence as they speak in front of their peers. Three times a week the children have the opportunity to share news at morning mat time.

A bird in the bush
A bird in the bush

Somerset Kindergarten have a new addition to their forest area. Supported by our bicultural advisor, Jerome, they have built a whare! The construction process was an amazing experience for the children: they eagerly supported Jerome with advice and guidance, and held the posts as he put them into the ground.

Learning culture values
Learning culture values - Takaro Kindergarten

Takaro Kindergarten is known for being a place where different cultures are given Whaka-ute (respect) and individuals are accepted for who they are and what they bring with them (funds of knowledge). A special emphasis is placed on Tikanga Māori (traditional Māori practices).

Music and movement
Music and movement - Cloverlea Kindergarten

Cloverlea Kindergarten's strong interest in music and movement has recently been facilitated by five visits from Dean McKerras of Dean McKerras School during the term. Dean's sessions have been looked forward to with anticipation and the children participated with much delight and enthusiasm.

Playground Challenges
Playground Challenges - Milson Kindergarten

Milson Kindergarten enjoys finding innovative ways to challenge children's physical skills; their monkey bar challenge is a well-established part of this culture. The challenge includes a great celebration where a certificate and a chocolate monkey are presented when a child persists and has shown the determination to independently move across the monkey bars.

Visitor from the community
Visitor from the community - Campbell Street Kindergarten

Campbell Street Kindergarten has been treated to some interesting visitors lately. Firstly, they welcomed Cracker Jim to afternoon mat time. Cracker Jim is a farmer who writes children's books full of characters created to explain, entertain and educate children about farming. Cracker Jim shared his latest publication Flossie and the Drought.

Frozen Disco
Frozen Disco - Ashhurst Kindergarten

Saying goodbye to winter was done in style at Ashhurst Kindergarten recently. Their winter disco, based on the popular children's movie Frozen, enchanted everyone. Many of the kindergarten girls dressed up as the main movie character Anna, while some of the boys put on their flashest threads.

Community Commonwealth Games
Community Commonwealth Games - Milverton Kindergarten

Hokowhitu School's Ruahine Team recently organised, and ran at Milverton Park, a Commonwealth Games for Milverton Kindergarten. The primary school's senior students did an amazing job with their planning which even included the ‘Queen' officially opening and closing the games.

Celebrating Matariki
Celebrating Matariki - Linton Kindergarten

Linton Kindergarten held their first Matariki celebration in June. Matariki is the name for a cluster of stars that only rises once a year, traditionally marking the Māori New Year as a time to remember those who have passed, and celebrate new life and the year ahead. The celebration reminded the tamariki of their bicultural heritage.

Farewell to Nicola Billman
Farewell to Nicola Billman - West End Kindergarten

It's always sad to farewell a teacher, particularly when it's someone like Nicola Billman, who has been with West End Kindergarten for 10 years. A special occasion was held to say thanks to Nicola for her teaching and community support for such a significant period. On the same day, the kindergarten was presented with a Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award.


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