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Little Dog Barking Theatre Company visit
Little Dog Barking Theatre Company visit - Takaro Kindergarten

Today we were lucky enough to have the Little Dog Barking Theatre Company come and visit our Kindergarten for a performance.  Twinkle: A simple and beautiful story about Twinkle, a small girl who wants to fly, to fly to the moon, to fly to other worlds.  A lovely story about imagination, dreams, adventure and friendship.

Paper Making Project
Paper Making Project - Campbell Street Kindergarten

Over the past two weeks we have been busy starting up a paper making project, after I had visited our friends Parkland Kindergarten and got the idea.

New Whanau Member
New Whanau Member - Mill Street Early Learning

We have a new addition to Mill St whanau, our tamariki really wanted a pet to call their own.  First mission was to decide what animal we wanted. We had to work out the logistics of could we potentially have a horse? After a lot of discussion and measuring it was decided no, perhaps a horse wasn’t the best choice.

Pancake and PJ Brekkie
Pancake and PJ Brekkie - West End Kindergarten

We had a marvelous ‘Pancake and P.J’ Brekkie morning at West End Kindergarten. Thank you to all the whanau that came and had breakfast with us.

Making cards with Tamariki
Making cards with Tamariki - West End Kindergarten

What a busy day we had at West End Kindergarten today. Not only did we have a Pancake and P.J Breakfast with whanau which was ka mau te wehi. But we also had Taylor’s whānau come into our kindergarten and spend time making cards with tamariki, how fortunate were we.

Rainbow Disco
Rainbow Disco - Makino Kindergarten

It had been a long wait, but the night was finally here for our Makino Kindergarten Rainbow Disco!  Ngā Tamariki were so excited, arriving with their whānau dressed in amazing costumes and colours, ready to dance the night away.

Paper for Trees
Paper for Trees - Makino Kindergarten

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Makino Kindergarten have been recycling all of our paper for the past few years.  We keep a record of how much we are able to recycle and report this to the Paper for Trees scheme.

Tree Planting
Tree Planting - Ashhurst Kindergarten

At Ashhurst Kindergarten we have been very fortunate in receiving fruit trees from some of our families to support our focus on sustainable practice/being kaitiaki of Papatūānuku. The children are enjoying the opportunity to assist in helping to prepare certain areas for planting fruit trees and re-establishing planting plots for sensory and edible herbs.

Welcome to our family
Welcome to our family - Ashhurst Kindergarten

At Ashhurst Kindergarten we have welcomed 3 goldfish. They are happily enjoying their new home in a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires little maintenance. This setup teaches our children how plants and goldfish can benefit each other in a symbiotic relationship. The filter sucks up the water, feeds the plants, the plants filter the water and return it to the goldfish tank.

Muddy Puddles
Muddy Puddles - Hokowhitu Kindergarten

Mother nature provided us a wonderful opportunity to discover the wonders of puddles this week especially in the park next door and who could resist a bit of a play.


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