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Camping Day
Camping Day - Cloverlea Kindergarten

The day has arrived it’s ‘camping day’ at Cloverlea kindergarten! We put up the tents and it is now time to play, a picnic, fruit kebabs, marshmallows, a pretend fire too,it is all in good fun having so much to do.

Turtle update
Turtle update - Feilding Kindergarten

Our recent post about our kindergarten turtles, Russell and Emma, brought back lots of memories for teachers.  Well, do we have a surprise for you!  Russell was very determined to get out of the trough on the grass and strode over to the sandpit.  After lifting Russell into the sandpit, Russell immediately began to dig a hole.

EPIC transformation - Parkland Kindergarten

Parkland kindergarten won this awesome prize from 

Beautiful Sunflowers
Beautiful Sunflowers - Kimbolton Early Learning

Last year in October the centre planted Sunflowers in their garden and this has become a new tradition to Kimbolton, it has attracted many bees, birds and butterflies.  We have been harvesting the sunflower seeds for collection this led to a pincer grip activity using tweezers and practicing our hand and eye coordination.

Golf and Bowls Tournament
Golf and Bowls Tournament - Kimbolton Early Learning

Sign up now - great day to be had!

Portrait Fundraiser
Portrait Fundraiser - West End Kindergarten

Update your family photos - book your place now!

Football fun
Football fun - Bulls Kindergarten

A highlight of this term at Bulls Kindergarten has been our participation in Fun Football with Paddy each Tuesday.  Through this programme, our children are further developing their confidence, physical, numeracy and social skills, and it is a great way for us to make links with the wider world.

Garden to the Jar!
Garden to the Jar! - Kimbolton Early Learning

We have been creating Zucchini  and Capsicum Relish from the yellow and green zucchini growing in our garden. This is the 2nd double batch completed this term. We have also crated beetroot relish. We have been learning how to care for our zucchini, as well as how and when to harvest.

Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies - Parkland Kindergarten

Monarch butterflies are very popular at Parkland kindergarten. We have swan plants growing for butterflies to visit and lay their eggs. Children love watching and talking about various stages of Monarch’s life cycle - laying eggs, caterpillars growing big and turning into chrysalis.

Turtles - Feilding Kindergarten

At Feilding Kindergarten maankitanga or caring is one of the characteristics we value in our teaching and learning. Our resident turtles Russel and Emma help us learn how to care for the wonderful small creatures of our world. Russell and Emma have been at kindergarten for many years now and they have grown quite big.


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