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Thanks Spark Foundation
Thanks Spark Foundation - Foxton Kindergarten

The kindergarten has been donated wet bags from Spark Foundation for our children to use instead of using plastic bags for their wet clothes. We would like to thank Spark Foundation for their kind donation. This supports our sustainability focus on educating our families and children around sustainability practices, caring for nature and lessen our footprint on the earth.

Kerekere kapa haka festival
Kerekere kapa haka festival - Foxton Kindergarten

Foxton kindergarten performed at the Kerekere kapa haka festival that was held in Foxton at Manawatu college and involved schools and ECE centres in the Foxton area. The children were fantastic and held themselves high with mana.  All the parents and teachers were so proud of the great job they did performing in front of a large audience.

Matauranga Maori group visit
Matauranga Maori group visit - Manchester Kindergarten

On Wednesday 19 September the Mātauranga Māori group from Manchester Street School came over to share waiata with us. We were then able to share our turangawaewae (our special place) with them.  They loved visiting our Kindergarten and we loved sharing with them.

Disco - Manchester Kindergarten

Last term we celebrated our kindergarten community with a family disco which was well attended by children and their whānau. The theme for the evening was “movie stars” which was very popular.

Creativity Challenge
Creativity Challenge - Milson Kindergarten

The current focus across the association during term three has been the promotion of creativity and curiosity. So, what better time to set the team a challenge around creativity.  Each of the teachers at Milson kindergarten have been set the task of getting their creative hats on.

Story Telling and Drama
Story Telling and Drama - Milverton Kindergarten

The children have very much been enjoying story telling and drama. We have extended on this interest by providing various props to enable them to dramatize stories for themselves. It has been great to see the way that the children have organized themselves to ensure that they have enough characters to tell each story, and that everyone has a turn to be different characters within a story.

The Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs - Cloverlea Kindergarten

Over the last few days we have acted out the fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs. Our tamariki were involved in the whole production, helping to make some of the props, taking turns at acting, and then displaying  some photos taken over the week.

Walkathon for Cerebral Palsy
Walkathon for Cerebral Palsy - Milson Kindergarten

On the 20th of September we held a walkathon to raise money and an awareness of the condition Cerebral Palsy.  Sponsorship forms were sent home for families to ask their extended family, friends and neighbours to make a donation towards this worthy cause. Whanau were also offered the opportunity for their child to print their feet on tee-shirts as another means of raising money.

Mat time Tikanga
Mat time Tikanga - Milson Kindergarten

During week seven this term the teachers have been reinforcing our kete of mat time tikanga to support the children to engage at mat times and show respect for those taking mat times as well as their peers sitting beside them.

St Johns visit
St Johns visit - Takaro Kindergarten

  We were very fortunate to have St Johns educator Sarah Adamski visit our kindergarten. She talked about different emergency services and the job of a paramedic. Tamariki then had the opportunity to explore in the ambulance.


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