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Welcome to Riverdale Kindergarten

Welcome to Riverdale Kindergarten, an inclusive environment fostering confident, competent learners in partnership with parents and whānau.

We uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Te Whāriki (Early Childhood Curriculum) and appreciate the uniqueness of our bicultural heritage in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  We pride ourselves on valuing the virtues and learning dispositions.

We demonstrate whanaungatanga by nurturing the responsive reciprocal relationships holistically with respect and trust.  We embrace the individuality of each tamaiti through supporting and enhancing a sense of belonging for all learners and their whānau.

Together we are kaitiaki – guardians of our land.  We are committed to providing opportunities to explore sustainable practices, and to experiment and enquire in our Reggio Emilia inspired environment, our hapori and our wider world.

Within our inclusive environment we offer everyone a chance to be a resilient learner. We embrace the cultural identity and diversity of all learners, supporting them to thrive.

We are here for you and your whānau; to support, educate and share.

Session Times

Monday to Friday
8.30am - 2.30pm

Contact Us

11 Dittmer Drive
Palmerston North

Phone: 06 353 0975

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What Our Whānau Say

“Riverdale kindergarten has been very supportive to my son and our family as a whole. The environment is positive and our son has grown in so many ways since attending Riverdale. The teachers nurture his growth and support all his ideas and also record the stories for his family to see which is awesome”.

“We really love the teacher’s philosophy on recycling, up-cycling and nature. The kids are encouraged to get into nature and look after the environment around them.  Other key teaching areas I love are, encouraging the kids to behave appropriately for the environment they are in, to be self-sufficient, be kind friends, look after one another and think about others, and to grow their body strength”.

“Riverdale Kindergarten Rocks! Best decision we ever made was to switch our kids from daycare to kindergarten, Riverdale Kindergarten has been amazing, the wonderful friendly teachers and welcoming environment, both our children have been very happy at Riverdale Kindergarten and have formed some great friends”. 

“The teachers at Riverdale Kindergarten are fantastic and the feel to the kindergarten is so inviting and caring”.

“I feel an integral part of development in New Zealand is teaching children the traditional language and culture of New Zealand and Te Reo Maori. Riverdale Kindergarten regularly celebrate events such as Matariki (Maori new year) with the entire Riverdale whanau and community, it is an integral part of the bonding experience”.

"Kindergarten is grand – reading our son’s profile back is amazing evidence that they really know our son. Very personal.

"Riverdale provides a caring/nurturing environment that has enabled our child to grow in confidence, experience new avenues of play, meet new children, develop her language, assisted her interest in technology and art."

Riverdale Kindergarten News

Ahimate Reserve
Ahimate Reserve

The magical place of Ahimate Reserve is part of Riverdale Kindergartens harpori and is well explored by our tamariki as we visit our special taonga every fortnight. Our tamariki are learning about what it means to be a kaitiaki, by picking up rubbish or caring for the environment.  We have planted trees, created willow pods and collected resources for our creativity.

Marking Matariki
Marking Matariki

Riverdale Kindergarten celebrated Matariki with an evening concert on Thursday 18 June. Matariki is the Māori name for the star cluster known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, that rises only once a year. It also signals the start of the Māori New Year and remembering the past, present and future.

The importance of sharing time
The importance of sharing time

At Riverdale Kindergarten news sharing happens regularly, helping to build childrens' confidence as they speak in front of their peers. Three times a week the children have the opportunity to share news at morning mat time.

Sun Smart preschoolers
Sun Smart preschoolers

Palmerston North has some sunsmart preschoolers keen to spray on sunscreen to keep burn at bay. Children at Riverdale Kindergarten are clued up on how to keep sun-safe during the summer months. The centre has a sunscreen sign-off sheet that has to be ticked at least twice a day to mark when the children have put on block, and a hat must be worn before they can go outside.