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A day in the life of a Head Teacher

Anne Nation, Head Teacher, Somerset Kindergarten

I have worked for many years at Somerset kindergarten and I have to say every day is so different and varied which is one of the reasons I love going to work each morning. I enjoy starting my day by reflecting on the previous day’s happenings and look forward to when my team arrives as there is always an array of wonderful and diverse conversations to be had.

What I realise more each and every day is the way leadership has changed for me as the head teacher at Somerset Kindergarten. Currently I work with a team where delegated leadership provides a forum for shared responsibility where we all work together for the benefit of the children and their families.

My professional growth is challenged each day with new ideas, technology, practice and changes within the sector however, with the support of both my team and our Association I am able to develop my skills and knowledge for future learning in an environment where change is valued and leadership is shared.

I enjoy the community and the relationships I have developed over my 12 years here at Somerset. I value the support I get from the community and after 30 years of teaching, I can still say I love my job. 

 Anne Nation, Head Teacher, Somerset Kindergarten