Ruahine Kindergartens

Worm Farm

Pahiatua Early Learning


Pahiatua Early Learning kaiako and tamariki gladly welcomed Maddy to our centre to help us with setting up our worm farm. We are currently working through steps to be more sustainable and diverting some of our food waste to our worm farm is one way of supporting this.

Maddy showed a small group of children the steps needed – we wet newspaper to make a layer of moist paper. We had been gifted a container of tiger worms from Riverdale Kindergarten, which made up to next layer. The children were very curious about the tiger worms which Maddy told us were named that due to their stripes.

We poured a container of peelings and lettuce on top of the worms. Maddy talked about the layering of food, that we can put a layer of dampened newspaper over them over the holidays and they would be happy.

Maddy let us know that once the top level is full, we can put it on the bottom and start fresh on top level. The worms would find their way to fresh food!

The worm castings/soil is great for the garden and the worm wee is great fertiliser as well. We are so excited to be starting our sustainability journey, firstly with our new worm farm.