Ruahine Kindergartens

Whanganui Excursion

Follett Street Kindergarten


What a beautiful day to be going on a bus trip! It was a frosty start at Kowhai Park where I think the adults struggled with the chilly air more than the children!

We had a good amount of time to play at the park and eat our morning tea before the wheels of the bus were moving towards the Whanganui Boys’ and Girls’ Gym.

It was a bit cool inside the gym, but we soon warmed up with some running, jumping, hopping, and skipping exercises. We then practised our motorbike landings before we set off to try all of the equipment that was set up for us.

There was lots to do! We could balance on the beams, bounce on the trampoline or the bouncy mats, swing on the ropes and the bars, have a go at climbing up the climbing wall, try to climb over bigger pieces of equipment, or we could jump into the all-time favourite foam pit!

The trip to the Whanganui Gym was an opportunity for the children to practice and gain more confidence with their physical skills. It was lots of fun and the bus was a bit quieter on the way back.