Ruahine Kindergartens

Wetlands Watching

Roslyn Kindergarten


The development of Palmerston North City Council’s wetlands in Norton Park have captured Roslyn Kindergarten’s attention, as their new native neighbour begins to take shape.

Fascinated children have been chatting over the fence with the engineers, who are more than willing to answer their questions. When the large equipment moved in, the teachers created a viewing platform to make watching easier. A live feed was also set up, allowing the children to view what was happening outside and replicate it indoors with their toy diggers and dumpers.

Once completed, the wetlands will provide unique learning opportunities for the kindergarten. Through supervised exploration, the children will engage all of their senses and begin to develop a strong bond with nature as they explore a variety of plants and water loving species.

The area will be complemented by the already established community garden and will include spaces where the children can continue their football lessons and let off their water rockets.

The wetlands project directly links to Roslyn Kindergarten’s Enviroschool philosophy of connecting with nature. Establishing this bond from a young age not only encourages children to care for the environment, it develops lifelong skills such as responsibility, understanding, empathy and self-esteem.