Ruahine Kindergartens

Wet and Wild

Ashhurst Kindergarten


Summer saw temperatures soar to 33 degrees, making an outdoor day a great way to cool down at Ashhurst Kindergarten earlier this year.

Water became the source of things fun, with the children enjoying activities such as splashing, jumping, sliding, and a childhood classic - apple bobbing. The day consisted of other ways in which to enjoy water, including running through a soothing sprinkler mist and getting amongst water bomb practice. On this occasion cardboard whales were the target of each water bomb aim.  

Taking a step inside to avoid the heat, introduced a range of ice-block related activities. This included creating beautiful collages with them and carefully dissecting the sweet treats for exploration purposes.

Outdoors again, the waterbomb whales were decorated and water stories were told. With everyone viewing the photos from the day, before leaving cool and refreshed.