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Weekly walks kick-off Bulls Kindergarten

Bulls Kindergarten


Enviroschool Bulls Kindergarten has recently added a weekly nature walk to their programme.

Within easy walking distance from the kindergarten, children get to enjoy a weekly nature walk to Clifton Grove, whatever the weather.

This initiative ties well into the kindergarten’s kaupapa and holistic approach to learning.

 “Clifton Grove provides a different environment where the children have the chance to roam free and make their own discoveries,” explains Head Teacher Kerri Osborne.

 “There’s no playground or play equipment at Clifton Grove. We don’t take any resources with us and the children are in charge of this discovery time. Some days they collect different flowers, leaves and sticks to see what they can construct with these natural resources.”

A big hit with the families, Clifton Grove walks have also tied in well with the Bulls Rocks community rock-hunting group. 

“Many of our families enjoy painting rocks and hiding them over the weekend at Clifton Grove for children to enjoy,” adds Kerri.

Bulls Kindergarten has strong links with its neighbour Bulls School – also an Enviroschool.