Ruahine Kindergartens

Watermelon Plant

West End Kindergarten


Once upon a time in a nutrient rich bokashi garden grew a watermelon plant. The kaitiaki of West End Kindergarten showed atawhai and kawenga to nurture its growth.  In late summer it was 2cm wide and as the season changed to Autumn it grew to 15cm before stopping. 

Curiosity about what the watermelon could look like inside was expressed through art.  There were questions like - How would it taste? What colour would it be? Will there be enough to share?

Finally picking day was here.  The precious watermelon was placed in the middle of a mat time circle.  A vibe of excitement and wonder filled the room as the watermelon was cut.   What? it was yellow inside, but it smelt like watermelon, it was juicy like watermelon and when we tasted was amazing!

West End Kindergarten tamariki are curious, involved, explorers who practice what it means to be kaitiaki.  We are an Enviroschool Kindergarten, and experiences like this capture the richness of nature as a learning resource.