Ruahine Kindergartens

Victoria Esplanade visit

Makino Kindergarten


To support an ongoing interest many tamariki had in nature and insects, we embarked on our adventure to the Victoria Esplanade in Palmerston North.

After an exciting bus ride spotting farm animals, aeroplanes, construction workers and the bustle of the city along the way, we arrived at the peaceful and tranquil Esplanade.

We boarded the train for a fun and motivating ride through the natural habitat of the park. This was followed by a child led adventure exploring the many bush walks, discovering insects, bird life, natural art in the environment, fungi, the sounds of the bush, smells and the natural curiosity of children to discover as much as they could.  Language was abundant as tamariki asked questions, shared knowledge and ideas and engaged in  this inspiring experience.  It was awesome to  see the respect and responsibility for our environment as our tamariki independently explored the bush, mindful of leaving the environment as they found it and taking care of it by picking up rubbish as they went.  We ended our day sharing lunch together and then loads of fun exploring the play park with kaiako and whanau.  This outing continues to be a talking point as we support reflection and on-going learning opportunities for our tamariki as they revisit this experience through the photos in their learning journals.