Ruahine Kindergartens

Vege Treats

Foxton Kindergarten


Foxton Kindergarten has had great success with growing food for the children’s morning tea, thanks to their new revamped vegetable garden.

Thanks to soil kindly donated by Paranui Organics, one of the kindergarten’s families, the children have been feasting on cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, peas and strawberries.

The vegetables have also been used for process cooking, where the children helped to make cucumber pickle from a recipe donated by a great nana. Parsley pesto and pumpkin hummus has also been made, with the children enjoying the spreads on sandwiches and crackers.

The garden has been a great way for the children to be involved in caring for Papatuanuku, learning about sustainability and how to grow their own food. They have also developed their independence skills.