Ruahine Kindergartens

The Community is Our Playroom


For Ruahine Home-Based Educators and children, the community is their playroom.  Educators aren't liited by the home environment which makes for a rich and exciting range of experiences.

Educators take full advantage of how easy everything is to access in the region. Going out into our community is a favourite pastime, and an amazing way to explore and extend children’s varying interests. 

“The community is our classroom,” says Home-Based Coordinator Trace Stevens.  If a child shows an interest in anything, Educators can follow that interest then and there – with parental permission. 

Whether it’s exploring an interest in butterflies at Apollo Park, Palmerston North, visiting the aerodrome in Feilding to extend knowledge about aeroplanes, or testing their physical capabilities in one of the over 50 parks or playgrounds available in the area, the day’s activities can suit the children.

Physical play is important for developing a child’s fine motor skills. They also learn about spatial relationships, balance, co-ordination and problem solving.

Playing outdoors also gives an appreciation of the natural environment.

Every experience, new place or park holds exciting challenges and adventures. If a child masters the equipment at a playground, there is always a new one to explore or rediscover – Educators and children are only limited by their imaginations.