Ruahine Kindergartens

Telling Stories

Makino Kindergarten


In early August, Makino Kindergarten and 16 other Kindergartens welcomed oral storyteller Tanya Batt. Tanya travelled from her home on Waiheke Island to share her incredible imagination with the children, teachers and a fair few grandparents who couldn’t quite pull themselves away.

Head Teacher Alison says that she contacted Tanya as a way of encouraging children’s interest in literacy.

“Tanya’s stories are incredible, and the children were captivated. Tanya also held a workshop for teacher, sharing her experiences of storytelling, story making and story sharing. It was a practical workshop  with lots of love and laughter and happy ever afters, inspiring teachers to share the world of storytelling within their kindergartens.” 

Oral storytelling opens children’s minds to other cultures and life philosophies.  It develops the inner world of imagination and creative thinking and enhances language development.  Storytelling provides opportunities for children to experience stories and symbols of their own and other cultures.  It can transfer emotions and feelings and boost thinking capacity and develop listening skills.