Ruahine Kindergartens

Sustainability kaupapa

Linton Kindergarten


A major focus for Linton Kindergarten in 2015 was the development of an outdoor area section to support their long term environmental goals. This included whānau’s vision of a sustainable peaceful space for their children.

This project was led by whānau and the whole kindergarten community helped out where they could, including planning the layout, offering time and strength, as well as helping with fundraising.

Thanks to a grant from the Fonterra Grassroots Foundation, the kindergarten was able to purchase garden boxes and another water tank for gathering rainwater.

Alongside the development, sustainability has been embedded as part of the kaupapa at Linton Kindergarten. They also became an Enviroschool last year, which encourages exploring the environment through natural science and laying environmental foundations that tamariki will share with the wider world of family and friends.