Ruahine Kindergartens

Sun Smart preschoolers

Riverdale Kindergarten


Palmerston North has some sunsmart preschoolers keen to spray on sunscreen to keep burn at bay.

Children at Riverdale Kindergarten are clued up on how to keep sun-safe during the summer months. The centre has a sunscreen sign-off sheet that has to be ticked at least twice a day to mark when the children have put on block, and a hat must be worn before they can go outside.

The moves were welcomed by a Palmerston North pharmacist, who has handed out free sunscreen to help the early childhood centre keep kids burn-free.

Cook St Pharmacy owner Anthony Roberts gave the centre a few free cans of spray-on screen. Another 72 will be delivered to Ruahine Kindergarten Association's 24 other centres in the next few weeks.

More than 300 Kiwis a year die from melanoma, which is strongly linked to UV sun damage. Roberts, who has a personal connection to the condition through his father-in-law dying of melanoma, wants to raise the profile of sun protection.

Educating children and their families about good sunscreen habits was important, he said.

Riverdale Kindergarten spends more than $100 on sunscreen during the summer terms and head teacher Chris Williams said the free sunscreen was welcome.

Children were already taking to the spray applicator to put it on themselves.

Manawatu Standard article.