Ruahine Kindergartens

Striving towards sustainability

Makino Kindergarten


Makino Kindergarten’s well-established grounds and big open spaces are ideal for planting seeds of sustainability.

From the flourishing gardens that are always open for pick-your-own to the range of animals including fire bellied newts, turtle, fish, rabbits and even a bird aviary, there is so much for curious young minds to discover – especially when it comes to caring for one another and the environment. 

“Our fabulous  environment has come from many years of developing the grounds, ensuring an abundance of natural resources are available, and the implementation of a range of sustainability practices to support the development of kaitiakitanga,” says Head Teacher Alison Robinson.

“Take our gardens for example. We ask our parents and children what they want to grow and use rainwater collected from our water tanks for watering plants. Everything harvested is for our community  - a take what you need, give what you can approach,” shares Alison.

“We recently harvested beetroot and the children learned how tasty and useful beetroot could be. It was enjoyed roasted, baked in chocolate cake, and also used in dyeing play dough. When the children see sustainability in action right here, every day, it’s easy for them to get on board.”