Ruahine Kindergartens

Reduce, recycle, reuse

Milson Kindergarten


Reducing waste and looking after our world has been a big part of the learning at Milson Kindergarten this term. An activity where photos of recyclable and non-recyclable items were included in the childrens' news talk books started conversations around sustainability at home.

A visit to the Awapuni Resource Recovery Park then introduced the children to further concepts, such as where their recycling goes once the big yellow truck collects it from the road, what is recyclable, how items are sorted, and what recycled items can be turned into.  

Bringing their new learning back to the kindergarten, the children are readily using three new recycle bins. As well as recycling they are reusing items such as yoghurt containers and have been helping to make compost for the kindergarten’s vege gardens.

The childrens’ keen sense of our impact on Papatūānuku has also been reflected in their use of language such as “making old into new”, and by showing a strong interest in the food cycle. By learning to take care of nature, Milson Kindergarten’s children are well on their way to discovering new ways to reduce, recycle, and reuse.