Ruahine Kindergartens

Playhouse Winners

Milverton Kindergarten


Earlier this term, Milverton Kindergarten was lucky enough to win a new playhouse built by UCOL apprentice builders. The carpentry students competed in a regional Certified Builders Carpentry Apprentice Challenge, that each year chooses a project that can be donated to the community as part of the competition.

Playhouses were designed specifically for preschoolers; built low to the ground, wide, and stable. Constructed from durable, trade-quality construction timber and materials, the carpenters also had to ensure there were no sharp edges that could hurt young children.

A big thanks to the McDonald family for entering Milverton Kindergarten into the draw to win one. The set-up includes a small climbing wall and stepladder, which the children have been enjoying in a variety of ways.

From picnics and climbing games, to exploring with resources, and transforming the playhouse into a caravan for everyone to enjoy, the new setup has ignited endless imaginative and role-playing opportunities.