Ruahine Kindergartens

Playground Challenges

Milson Kindergarten


Milson Kindergarten enjoys finding innovative ways to challenge children's physical skills; their monkey bar challenge is a well-established part of this culture. The challenge includes a great celebration where a certificate and a chocolate monkey are presented when a child persists and has shown the determination to independently move across the monkey bars.

The children have really enjoyed the challenge and as their confidence grew they requested more activities to conquer. One idea was adding a small box placed underneath for the children to jump off. A rope course was also made through the swing frame.

Another popular exercise has been to move from one swing frame pole to the other without touching the ground, only using the swings that were hanging up at the time. This provided the children with a challenge that required problem solving, balance, strength and courage.

These challenges encourage teamwork amongst the children, supporting their peers as they navigate different courses. It's great to see the children understand the importance of having confidence in their abilities and gaining a sense of triumph and accomplishment.