Ruahine Kindergartens

Over the school fence

Awapuni Kindergarten


Awapuni School and Awapuni Kindergarten met during Term One to develop ideas for strengthening the school and kindergarten relationship.

The kindergarten has taken eight of their oldest children over to the school, joining in the new entrant class’ literacy programme one-hour sessions. Recently they worked on their phonics and the letter h.

The visits are a great way to help the kindergarten children, particularly those who will be attending Awapuni School, to become familiar with the teacher, routine and class before they start their formal transition to primary education with their family.

Six students from Awapuni School will also be visiting the kindergarten fortnightly to read to their younger peers for half an hour. Some of the school pupils are recent Awapuni Kindergarten graduates and will share early readers from their new entrant class. Many of the kindergarten children are especially excited by the upcoming visits – with siblings and cousins participating in the exchanges.

Relationships are at the heart of kindergarten teaching and learning, links with neighbouring schools such as Awapuni School provide new experiences while assisting with smooth transitions to school.