Ruahine Kindergartens

Our bi-cultural journey

Parkland Kindergarten


As a part of our bi-cultural journey at Parkland kindergarten we speak in Te Reo Maori, read books about the culture, history and tikanga of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. We learnt that Harakeke is a special treasure for Maori as they cherished, cultivated and used it for various purposes; such as clothing, fishing nets, bindings, baskets, mats, and medicine.

Vijaya is attending a weaving course at Te Wananga Aotearoa to strengthen her knowledge about harakeke. She brings harakeke in to provide opportunities for our tamariki to explore their creativity.

Our children are learning to offer karakia and care for Harakeke pa before we harvest flax. Children love feeling, touching harakeke and show interest in making their own creations. We talked about not stepping over the harakeke and to wash hands after working with it. This is how we are demonstrating Mana Reo Communication by expressing our thoughts, feelings, being creative and acquiring a new interest in weaving.