Ruahine Kindergartens

New Whanau Member

Mill Street Early Learning


We have a new addition to Mill St whanau, our tamariki really wanted a pet to call their own.  First mission was to decide what animal we wanted. We had to work out the logistics of could we potentially have a horse? After a lot of discussion and measuring it was decided no, perhaps a horse wasn’t the best choice. We then looked at a pig, chickens, sheep and it was finally decided upon a rabbit.

Before we picked up our new friend, we needed to ensure he would have a safe space and a clean tidy house to call his own. Our children helped to tidy up the rabbit’s home and it was decided it needed to be painted to say welcome home.

As a whanau we needed to decide on a name. After a vote it was decided on Maui.

On his first day here, Maui hid under the cubbyhouse. It was just too noisy for him. On the second day he started to get more adventurous and even let us have a cuddle with him.

We cant wait to see what adventures Maui gets up to.