Ruahine Kindergartens

Mini Olympics

Milverton Kindergarten


Milverton Kindergarten teamed up with Year 5 and 6 students from Hokowhitu School for a Mini Olympics. The event was a chance to build on children’s growing interests in gymnastics, movement and the Rio Olympics.

The students from Hokowhitu did a fantastic job organising and running Olympic events, tailored to younger children.

“The children participated in age-appropriate weightlifting, hurdles, javelin, soccer and even gave the balance beams a go, it all reinforced that a ‘moving child is a learning child’ ”, said Milverton teacher, Matua Gavin.

Kindergarten children were delighted to receive their own Olympic medals, made by the school children, as a celebration of the resilience they showed.

“Hard is good, was definitely a key message for all involved”, commented Head Teacher, Whaea Helen.

Alongside supporting children’s learning, the Mini Olympics was an example of a mutually beneficial joint project, strengthening the relationship between school and kindergarten, in order to make transitioning to school smoother for children.