Ruahine Kindergartens

Meet Moko

Awapuni Kindergarten


Gifted to Awapuni Kindergarten by a friend from the community, who is also a vet nurse, a blue tongue lizard is providing the kindergarten children with the opportunity to learn about nurturing and caring for wildlife.

Children’s ideas for naming the lizard were written on card, with children voting for Moko, the Pacific Island word for lizard.

Moko has a set of rules around his care, ensuring he is kept safe, while helping children to identify how their actions can affect others. For example, not to tap on the glass enclosure as this will give the lizard a headache.

As the weather gets warmer and Moko comes out of hibernation, he is enjoying being outside in the sun and eating snacks of snails that the children have been helping to find.

A temporary enclosure has been made but one of the kindergarten’s grandparents, with plans for a more permanent A frame in the near future.

Adults and children have plucked up the courage to pat Moko, some who can now say that they have held a blue tongue lizard.