Ruahine Kindergartens

Making cards with Tamariki

West End Kindergarten


What a busy day we had at West End Kindergarten today. Not only did we have a Pancake and P.J Breakfast with whanau which was ka mau te wehi.

But we also had Taylor’s whānau come into our kindergarten and spend time making cards with tamariki, how fortunate were we. There was so much creativity and great ideas being thought of, it wasn’t long until everyone who wanted to, had made an amazing card to take home. Some friends made some early Father’s Day cards and other’s made cards for that someone special.  We are sure who ever gets one of these cards, will feel so special.

So, thank you again Taylor’s Mum, Becks, his Nan and his Great gran. And, to their two friends who belong to the Country Women’s Institute who came to help too.