Ruahine Kindergartens

Magical Murals

Hokowhitu Kindergarten


Hokowhitu Kindergarten is blessed with a diverse multi-cultural community and hold different celebrations to recognise events such as the Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day, Matariki, as well participating in the Black Out Day to support the All Blacks.

More recently they celebrated Thanksgiving to acknowledge the American families whose children attend the kindergarten. As part of the festivities, special thanks was given to the kindergarten’s parent committee for organising the year’s fundraising and social events, as well as Kirsty Porter and Sarah Bingle, two local artists who painted four murals to adorn the outdoor environment area.

Forming part of the kindergarten’s focus on the natural environment, the murals depict sunrise, morning, afternoon, and evening. Each panel is bursting with colour and regional icons, native species, traditional stories, and other interesting items for the children to discover.

As the children unveiled the murals Rob Thorne, a friend and past family member of kindergarten, played the taonga puoro depicted in the Matariki on a conch shell.

To add to the evening’s diversity, Santa arrived by a police car. Families, friends, and guests enjoyed celebrating the approaching festive season together while sharing what they are thankful for.