Ruahine Kindergartens

Magical Kitchen Creations

Foxton Kindergarten


Foxton Kindergarten recently enjoyed a visit from Zappo, who put on his new magic show called Kitchen Rules.

The last time Zappo was in the kindergarten he asked the children for their ideas on what they liked to cook, eat and their general knowledge about food, so he could incorporate this into his show.

What a fun show Kitchen Rules was. Zappo is always so funny and clever with his magic tricks. This visit he talked about healthy food, had a giant sandwich, and made lots of
carrots multiply from one carrot.

With the help of a talking cookbook, and a chef puppet from Italy called Petro, Zappo tried to make a cake. He mistakenly used a flower picture instead of flour, and when the children helped him lay an egg it got squashed in his pocket. Luckily though, he still managed to make a magical cake appear!

Maria, Brendon and Arthur helped Zappo with his magic tricks. And everyone enjoyed his pet rabbit Sparkles, who hopped around the circle of children and ate some silverbeet out of the Kindergarten's garden.

The children had a magical experience of wonder and delight, where they learnt all about healthy food through fun entertainment. Thanks for a great show Zappo.