Ruahine Kindergartens

Litterless Lunches

Milson Kindergarten


Sustainability and healthy choices are at the forefront of the agenda at Milson Kindergarten, with a new incentive supporting families to reduce waste and make good food choices.

After taking part in a sustainability review, the kindergarten decided to take a look at how they could work with families to promote healthier lunches, using less packaged foods. Children were rewarded for bringing in healthy litterless lunch boxes with a Kai Carrier, a reusable pouch which can be used for yoghurt and fruit purees.

Since introducing the initiative teacher Teresa Cottle says that they have noticed a huge change.

“Children are bringing lunch boxes with less processed kai, and are packing their own lunch items into reusable containers. We have seen a change in how families are shopping as well, with more families bulk buying.”

Children at the kindergarten have also been encouraged to take additional environmental responsibility with the new ob of Eco Warrior. The two warriors are responsible for rinsing out all of the empty yoghurt pottles before they are recycled or reused in the collage, take food waste out to the compost, feeding the worms in the worm farm and looking after the plants.

Introducing these concepts at a young age has an important effect on children as they grow older, reinforcing physical well-being and contributing to environmental awareness.