Ruahine Kindergartens

Levity Beet Show

Makino Kindergarten


We had Levity Beet come in and perform an interactive show for us, using many unusual instruments like the Jaw harp and Honkytromblastic as well as a variety of different upcycled instruments.

Levity has won many awards for his music that he has written, performed and produced all with his own flare which was with a quirky and nonsense sense of humor, which is something that our tamariki absolutely love. 

At Makino Kindergarten we value the importance of the arts, as tamariki can appreciate art through experiences where they are able to see, be inspired by, and explore the intentions and ideas of other artists and performers.  We really enjoyed listening, watching and being a part of this performance and cannot wait to have him back.

Te rā: 20 Huitanguru - February 2019