Ruahine Kindergartens

Learning culture values

Takaro Kindergarten


Takaro Kindergarten is known for being a place where different cultures are given Whaka-ute (respect) and individuals are accepted for who they are and what they bring with them (funds of knowledge). A special emphasis is placed on Tikanga Māori (traditional Māori practices).

This inclusiveness was recently demonstrated by the children and their families when Whaea Bindu, a regular relieving teacher shared some of her Indian cultural traditions. Children often questioned Whaea Bindu about the sticker (bindi) she wore on her forehead and the pattern (henna) she had on her hand.

Whaea Bindu brought some bindis of different shapes, sizes and colours for the children to choose and try on, and henna for them to create designs of their choice. She also worked with them to make delicious samosas.

Children showed keenness to explore things that they were not familiar with, using listening, consideration and respect during the different activities.

Recognising similarities and differences between contrasting cultures, allowed the children to develop their understanding and appreciation of the wider world around them. Some children have continued to show the maia (confidence) to share their new knowledge with friends and family.