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Kindergarten reduces waste and reaps award

Linton Kindergarten


Working towards a better world with less waste has seen Linton Kindergarten recognised for its efforts.

The Kindergarten was presented with a bronze Enviroschools award recently, the culmination of years of planning, learning and embedding new ways of thinking about waste and sustainability.

Teacher Shelley Newson says small changes like using reusable lunch wrap made a big difference to the amount of waste generated.

We’ve been on an Enviroschool journey for four years – looking at ways to embed sustainability and empower children that they have a responsibility to make sure they all have a sustainable future. It’s all about making a connection and getting the children to care.

The kindergarten started reducing waste by doing an audit; waste was weighed and classified, and more sustainable ways of managing waste were discussed.

Paper was identified as a big source of waste, so instead of putting it in the rubbish bin, paper is reused or recycled and used to make new paper.

They also contacted New Zealand plastic container manufacturer Sistema who donated little pots for families to re-use for yoghurt and small food items instead of throw-away packaging. New families to the kindergarten now receive a free Sistema tub and a reusable beeswax wrap made by parents of the kindergarten.

A worm farm, vegetable garden and chickens at a local farm help clean up any edible or compostable scraps.

Horizons Regional Council is a partner in the Enviroschools programme and presented the award. There are three reflection stages to Enviroschools: bronze, silver and green-gold.