Ruahine Kindergartens

Kaitiaki in Action

West End Kindergarten


Kaitiaki means guardianship, for the sky, the sea and the land. The children at West End Kindergarten are in training to become the future guardians of our land and planet; learning to preserve,conserve and protect our environment.

Part of encouraging children to take on the role of Kaitiaki is to empower them to become decision-makers for the choices that are made at Kindergarten and they are supported as leaders to help care for our environment.

Children in the ‘Kaitiaki role’ take additional responsibilities at the end of each lunchtime, recycling kai waste / food scraps to the worm farm, earthmaker and Bokashi compost. They rinse and recycle the plastic yoghurt containers and water the plants from the drinking cups waste water.

By embedding recycling from an early age, children are encouraged to make Kaitiaki meaningful for them, as ‘Super Heroes helping to Save The Planet’.