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Foxton kapa haka talents shine

Foxton Kindergarten


The considerable kapa haka skills of Foxton Kindergarten children were on display this term when they participated in the annual Te Awahou Kapa Haka Festival.

Weeks of practising waiata and developing performance and singing abilities were proudly shown off at the festival in October, where the children performed six songs.

This was the second year the kindergarten had participated in the festival and the children were so proud to share their skills with parents and other schools and preschools.

Head Teacher Sheree Adams says Children love learning the traditional songs and actions and pick it up very quickly. It’s really important that they can perform them in the community, too.

The kindergarten children practise kapa haka every Thursday, stepping up the practises to daily when a performance opportunity approaches.

Whaea Sheree says singing waiata is the best way to learn te reo Māori and including the actions helps develop cognitive memory. Children take turns leading the waiata, which develops leadership and performance skills.

Kapa haka is part of our culture and it supports the culture in our community. It’s all about whanaungatanga and manaakitanga.

The kindergarten recently purchased new costumes for performances, in the Foxton colours of yellow and black. The Te Awahou festival was held at Shannon School this year and 25 Foxton Kindergarten children attended.