Ruahine Kindergartens

Farewell to Nicola Billman

West End Kindergarten


It's always sad to farewell a teacher, particularly when it's someone like Nicola Billman, who has been with West End Kindergarten for 10 years. A special occasion was held to say thanks to Nicola for her teaching and community support for such a significant period.

On the same day, the kindergarten was presented with a Heart Foundation Healthy Heart Award. This was particularly special as Nicola led this learning. The kindergarten families have been wonderfully inventive at providing their children with healthy sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and baking as part of the kindergarten's healthy eating guide and Moving to Learn policy.

Nicola recently gifted the kindergarten with two blueberry bushes, which the children have planted with pride. Flowers have also been planted around the blueberry bushes, and a sign has been made from natural resources to read ‘Nicola's Garden' in appreciation of her contribution.

West End Kindergarten wishes Nicola well for her move to Carterton.