Ruahine Kindergartens

Exploring our local ngahere

Linton Kindergarten


Linton Kindergarten explores their local ngahere called Wedde Woods every week.
This term we have been discussing the role as a Kaitiaki. What does this look like? A definition of Kaitiakitanga is guardianship, care, protector and responsibility in relationship with all manner of beings and things.
We are aware that we need to care for each other and for the environment. We have been learning to look after the trees, knowing that we are making Tāne happy. Picking up rubbish when we spot some, using our special bucket and tongs, again we know we are making Papatūānuku smile.
Being a Kaitiaki links in with what Anders Szczepanski mentions about being within the ngahere, “that’s where we make use of all of our senses by seeing, listening, feeling, smelling, and discerning. It fosters curiosity, creativity and cooperation, engages our emotions and makes us care about our environment, as well as our natural and cultural history.”