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ELC becomes a box city of cardboard creativity

Pahiatua Early Learning


New equipment for Pahiatua Early Learning Centre has meant lots of deliveries this term – and with them plenty of packaging.

But instead of heading to the recycling centre, the boxes have been seized upon by Centre children, sparking the children’s imaginative play and creativity with paint, and turning the Early Learning Centre into box city.

Teacher Phoebe Shannon explained children have been painting and making huts and houses out of boxes. Some of the painted masterpieces have taken days to complete with children’s parents taking the cardboard creations home each night and returning them the next day to be worked on again.

For four-year-old Lightening McQueen fan Lincoln, pictured, a box has even become the centrepiece for his costume of the animated race car star.

“We kind of thought it would have died down a bit by now, but it hasn’t,” Phoebe says.

“It’s so funny that we buy these flash resources and what they’re really interested in is the box it came in!”

Some large new resources, like a play tunnel, arrived flat packed with boxes that opened out in an interesting fashion, so that children could climb in and play.

Once the novelty of the cardboard boxes wore off, the children then enjoyed the resources inside.