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Celebrating over 25 years of Pet Day

Follett Street Kindergarten


On the 19th September, Follett Street Kindergarten celebrated their annual Pet Day. For well over 25 years, this rural kindergarten in the heart of Marton has created an interactive show and tell experience for families.

 “It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring the rural into the urban” says Head Teacher Louise White.

 “We have a lot of farming families who attend our kindergarten so there is a wide range of animals that the children showcase including ponies, calves, lambs, chicks, rabbits, and dogs.”

Families without pets also have a lot of fun on Pet Day and really think outside the box. Pet worms, pet flies, soft cuddly toy pets and even a pet rock have made their debut on Pet Day.

 “It’s wonderful to see the children share how they groom, feed and care for their pets, and the way the children communicate this to their peers is a highly entertaining learning experience for all,” explains Louise.

For the teachers at Follett Street Kindergarten, the best part of Pet Day is the sense of community the event brings. Seeing the faces of children light up when they get to see and touch the animals in real life also ranks high on Pet Day perks.