Ruahine Kindergartens

Camping and the great outdooors

Bulls Kindergarten


With the summer weather making a welcome presence in the first months after the festive season, the children of Bulls Kindergarten have been really into camping.

Indoors, a tepee included fairy lights for stars, blacked out windows and a pretend BBQ. The outdoor environment had a camping area set up with a tent erected. The children, teachers and whānau also enjoyed a shared BBQ. During the middle of February Sebastian Inglis' parents, Iain and Cait, came to kindergarten and, with the help of the children, built a small fire in the sandpit.

Preparing their sticks, the children then sat around the sandpit, watching the fire die down until it was ready for toasting marshmallows. With supervision each child cooked their own sticky sweet treat, while engaging their senses with the sight and smell of the fire.

Sharing camping stories and exploring new experiences was just some of the learning enjoyed. Other key skills developed were keeping ourselves safe and learning patience through turn taking. The importance of fire safety was also reinforced with an unexpected visit from a fireman during the campfire.