Ruahine Kindergartens

Busy Bees

Follett Street Kindergarten


Follett Street Kindergarten children were excited when their friend Otto brought in some honeycomb from his hives at home to show everyone.

This led to a discussion about how bees collect nectar and turn it into honey. Otto’s mum Lucy offered to bring in a frame out of their hive, along with the equipment for collecting the honey so that the kindergarten children could learn more.

Otto showed his special bee keeping clothes that he needs to wear, the smoker that makes bees sleepy, the special tool for getting the frames out of the hive and the hot knife that removes the wax and honeycomb. Everyone enjoyed watching and learning about the whole process. A special thank you to Lucy and Otto for sharing their knowledge and experience with the kindergarten, it was a real privilege to see what Otto does at home and apply it to learning more about the world around us at kindergarten.