Ruahine Kindergartens

Book Fair

Roslyn Kindergarten


Roslyn Kindergarten’s Scholastic 'Books in Hands - Books in Homes - Books in Hearts' Book Fair ran from 31 August - 4 September 2015; encouraging literacy in homes, while fundraising for new books for the kindergarten and to get young children really excited about reading.

The book fair opened with a small ceremony that included local MP, Jono Naylor, reading to the children and donating a Little Yellow Digger book to the kindergarten.

A special morning tea saw extended family and friends enjoying reading at the kindergarten, followed by a public afternoon where members of the local community came to the book fair and purchased Scholastic books at discounted prices.

A Give A Little page ran alongside the Book Fair, raising over $1500 towards purchasing individual books for the children once a term, as well as the kindergarten.

Evidence shows that children who are read to at home have a higher success rate at school. Roslyn Kindergarten are thrilled that their Book Fair has provided equal opportunities through book ownership, which in turn will boost literacy levels and enable whānau to be a part of their child’s learning.