Ruahine Kindergartens

Bi-Cultural Learning

Follett Street Kindergarten


Jerome Kavanagh, our new Cultural Advisor, plays a variety of Taonga Puoro (traditional Māori musical instruments). During his first term with the Association, he has been visiting kindergartens and sharing his world-reknown talents and knowledge of Māori heritage.

Follett Street Kindergarten recently enjoyed Jerome sharing his collection of special instruments, made from wood and greenstone, including flutes and shells of all shapes and sizes. The children were interested to hear one instrument was once used by Māori as a cold remedy.

Jerome, helped by many willing helpers, also spent time making a traditional Māori kite, which now hangs from the the ceiling for all to see.

Holyoake Kindergarten have enjoyed Jerome's pūkāea (wooden trumpet), Hue (gourd), and Pūtātara (conch shell trumpet), with the tamariki and kaiako finding his music very relaxing. Jerome also shared stories of how and where his instruments came from.

Both kindergartens say they are very appreciative of Jerome sharing his special taonga, and the children showed respect by handling the instruments with great care. Jerome's work contributes to Te Whāriki, and our bi-cultural curriculum, where all children are given the opportunity to develop an interest and pleasure in discovering an unfamiliar wider world where people, objects, languages, and sounds are different from those of home.

Through the experience of Jerome's traditional Māori musical instruments the children are able to learn more about Māori people, places, artifacts, and are provided with opportunities to learn and use the Māori language through social interaction.