Ruahine Kindergartens

Beach scenes

Foxton Kindergarten


Thankfully the June floods came before work on Foxton Kindergarten’s new outdoor environment started. The new developments were officially opened and blessed earlier this term, with past committee members invited as special guests to recognise their input into the vision and contribution to fundraising over the past decade.

The outdoor environment’s theme is based on the beach town in which the kindergarten families reside. Over recent years, local artists and Manawatu College students have supplied native birds and marine mammal murals. This year the sandpit was significantly remodelled and now incorporates a boardwalk, driftwood, and dry riverbed.

Decking has also been placed around mature trees, with the path extended to allow the children to ride wheel-based equipment around a complete circuit. The fort has been adapted to provide more physical challenging opportunities for children.

Over the years, families have generously built and donated planter boxes, with one family providing a wharenui - making for a very important focal point. Through a generous donation from a member of the community, and building expertise from another family, new swings frames were also erected.

The back of the kindergarten’s grounds include a supervised firepit and wildflower area to extend the childrens’ interest in bugs, insects and the natural world. As part of their ongoing sustainability plans, the kindergarten has also added a wormery, water tanks, compost and area for recycling bins.

“The plans continued to be adapted and changed to ensure the outdoor environment provided flexible foundations for future families to enjoy,” says Head Teacher, Sheree. “We’re very proud of what our kindergarten community has achieved.”