Ruahine Kindergartens

5+ A Day Challenge

Roslyn Kindergarten


Roslyn Kindergarten's philosophy is founded on an action-based approach to education and sustainable practices, encouraging the children to become catalysts for change in their families. Participating in the 5+ A Day Challenge throughout February was a perfect fit.

Healthy eating is part of every day life at Roslyn Kindergarten, with established gardens and fruit trees as part of their outdoor environment. The Challenge added further elements with a friendship fruit kebab morning tea, a friendship fruit salad feast, and a friendship soup held during the month.

The friendship factor derived from the coming together to prepare and then eat the food made from kindergarten produce and ingredients brought in by families. Knowing where your food comes from and helping to harvest and prepare it for eating was easy to implement. Tomatoes, zucchini, celery and beans all went directly from the kindergarten gardens into the soup pot.

'The children that used to occasionally eat an apple at morning tea extended their taste buds to a whole variety of fruit and vegetables", says teacher Tessa Kirner. "What was also exciting to see was the children correctly identifying each." The sharing of food plays an important role in many cultures, and the children wrote invitations to encourage family members to come and enjoy the friendship events. Other fun activities included using charts to match fruit and vegetables, and giving each a funny name - such as Crazy Carrot and Luscious Leo Lemon.

The Healthy Heart Awards, an holistic approach to healthy eating, exercise and parent education, is next in the kindergarten's sights.